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Everything you need to know about our boat tours and excursions.

FAQ. frequently asked questions

These are the most frequently asked questions, if you have any further questions before your reservation, you can always contact us and ask us anything.

About us

About us?
Volcanic tours is a project born from love. It has been growing thanks to all the visitors who have trusted us to take them on close up sea experiences with safety and respect in one of the most virgin places in the Mediterranean along the Andalusian coast.

What activities do we offer?
We offer guided boat tours from the town of San José, along the coast of the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park (Almería). We also offer boat excursions with a snorkel stop (tube and mask diving).

Where we are located?
We are located on the beach of the town of San José, in the heart of the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park, Almería Spain

How to contact us:
You can contact us by phone 623182848
or by email
or in our office on the terrace of the Don Ignacio Hotel on the San José promenade..

Your trusted guide:
Marian Montes is the captain of Volcanic Tours who will accompany you and will guide your experience.

What makes us different?
Our values ​​are firm: Passion for what we do: Enjoy sailing, contemplate nature and share our experience with all our visitors. (The day we don't enjoy what we do, it will be time to dedicate ourselves to something else).
Personalised treatment (we treat you as we would want to be treated)
Security (Without security, there is no fun).
100% SATISFACTION COMMITMENT: If you are not completely satisfied, we will refund your money, only welcome HAPPY MONEY (Happy to give and receive it)

¿What is our objective?
Our objetive? To take you to our natural paradise and share our vision of the Marine World. Allow you to feel the unique sensation of surfing the waves, sea breeze on your face, the healing power of the sea, the sun, the source of life, the strength of the minerals of its volcanic rocks and their relationship with all living beings that inhabit this fascinating territory.
Ultimately a unique experience for all your senses!

Our operational season:
We work from Easter to November,
we rest the winter months.

How you can support us.
Your opinion is very important to us. We appreciate you sharing your experiences or telling us how we can improve. As I always say: “If you did not like something, tell us. If you liked it, tell your friends ”or rate us on Tripadvisor.
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About the boat
What type of boat do you use.
We have a semi-rigid boat, fiber hull and tire (zodiac type), with seats to sit comfortably and fully prepared for a ride. See the boat
Is it suitable for children? The rides are suitable for the whole family and all ages. Children from 3 years old without problem. Babies smaller, consult when it is calmer.

What capacity does the boat have?
Maximum capacity 11 people + the professional skipper. In the case of larger groups, upon express request and outside the high season, more boats could be hired. More information, contact us and we will inform you of the possibilities.

Is it suitable for children?
The rides are suitable for the whole family and all ages. Children older than 3, no problem. Children younger than 3 years old, please consult with us. It’s always better for them when the sea in calm. windguru

Can embark pregnant, elderly or disabled?
We do not recommend pregnant women due to the possible vibrations of the boat, let us know and we will choose when the wind is in calm. Look for the wind Seeing the wind Regarding people with disabilities or reduced mobility, it depends a lot on the grade, but they must bear in mind that we board the shore and must be able to climb three steps holding on to a handrail, we will try to help you climb with all possible assistance. During the journey there is no problem since they can be fastened and go comfortably seated in the seats. Keep in mind that there are always small vibrations during navigation, assess your state of health, if you have back or neck problems and could be aggravated, please let us know before making your reservation.

Could we hire your boat to do another activity?
Of course, we organize special routes, renting the boat privately, we organize your a la carte excursion with enough time. Contact us for special sport fishing routes, yoga retreats, birthdays, private diving trips, meals at sea, bachelor parties, romantic trips, gifts, etc. Contact us and we will study your proposal.

What if I experience seasickness?
This does not happen often because the boat is very stable. Sail gliding forward with little lateral swing makes a smooth ride. However, if you are not sure, you can take a biodramin half an hour before departure.

Will I get wet?
Normally yes, even if they are the feet when going up and going down, since we embark from the shore and we may get wet up to the thigh (depending on the height of each one, tide and waves). So we recommend that you always bring adequate clothing to get wet. During navigation, normally not, but we are in the sea and when there is a little wind some spray type splash can enter.

It moves so much?
This type of boat is the most stable and safe, ideal for the route we take, since we can get a closer feeling of the coast. Although if you can jump, like the bumps in the road, but with a moving ground. We try not to jump too much (pitch) and move as little as possible, although the movement of the sea does not make it easy for us on some occasions. Assess your state of health, if you have back or neck problems and could be aggravated, let us know before making your reservation.

Are there watertight compartments?
We have waterproof bags of 10 liters per person so you can store your belongings protected from water. This way we prevent them from getting wet.

Is there shade on the boat?
There is a small awning, but not for the entire boat. Although they are short trips, the sun is hard in summer. We recommend that you bring sun protection, such as a hat, cap or scarf. They must hold it securely while sailing. Do not forget, Sunscreen, we will put it on before boarding the boat, so during the journey we will be protected and we will not have to lie down again.

Will it be hot or cold?
Although it seems like a lie and it is 12 noon in July, at sea it is always colder than heat. Being on the move, it makes us wind and ocean breezes. Bring a towel, sarong, or windbreaker if it's cold. If heat passes, we can always take a bath and cool off.

How do you get on and off the boat?
The boat is accessed from the shore by a ladder with three steps (similar to those of a swimming pool) and a handrail at the rear of the boat, to be able to get up comfortably. To go down is easier, we just slide down the side.

Do I have to wear special shoes?
Special shoes or flip flops are not necessary on the boat, since the boat is barefoot to be more comfortable and avoid slipping. We usually remove our shoes on the shore of the beach when boarding. The beach is sandy, so there is no problem with stones. If you prefer, you can bring booties for the routes with a bathroom stop.

Can you bring cameras or mobile phones on board?
You can take what you want, although in the sea everything can theoretically get wet or moistened, with which you are responsible for your belongings. So we recommend you relax and leave your belongings in the information booth guarded by our staff.

Can dogs be carried on board?
Dogs can not board with us.Due to municipal regulations, access to the San Jose beach with dogs is not allowed in the summer season..

What security measures do you have?
All those required by the maritime authorities (life jackets adapted to age, fire extinguisher, first aid kit, lifebuoy, etc.). Qualified personnel in rescue and first aid.

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About the Routes
Paseos y rutas en barco
What kind of routes do we do?
We do two types of boat routes and Private Tours:

What is the difference between the routes?
The only difference is: Landscapes Route: the complete route without stopping. Navigation for 1 hour and a half. Landscapes and Snorkel Route: the route is shorter and we stop at a cove. We sail for 1 hour and make a 30-minute stop. Private excursion: You can do the complete tour plus stop in a cove. Navigation for 1,5 hours

How much does the route cost and how long does it last?
DURATION 1 hour and a half PRICE € 35 Adults /
€ 30 Children (up to 11 years old) SMALL GROUPS. Maximum 7 people
DURATION 1,5 hours
PRICE € 320 complete boat
Maximum 11 people

We can be organized Special routes upon express and advance request. Like birthdays, farewells, company incentives. You can reserve the entire boat for more hours. For more information call us at 623182848 or send an email

What includes?
All our routes and boat trips include:
Explanatory talk on interpretation of the landscape, geology, nature, history, cinema and much more.
Professional skipper / guide
Adapted life vest (for adults and children)
All the safety and insurance equipment required by the Maritime Captaincy.
Mask and mirafunds.
Free photo report.

Where is the meeting point and time?
Landscapes Route: 10.30 and 19.00
Landscapes and Snorkel Route:11.30-13.00-16.00-17.30
Private routes: 10.00-11.30-13.00-14.30
The meeting point is 15 minutes before the departure time of your route, in the white and blue VOLCANIC TOURS information booth on the terrace of the Don Ignacio hotel, on the seafront of the town of San José (Níjar),
before the breakwater of the San José marina. We will accompany you until you get on the boat for your comfort.

What route do you recommend?
Both are suitable for all audiences and very satisfactory. You only have to choose if you want to stop or not. The captain will choose the best route based on the wind.

What should we carry?
Bring the essentials, since we have limited space and everything we take to the sea, theoretically could get wet. Although we have watertight bags of 10 liters per person to prevent water from entering your belongings. ESSENTIAL:
Sun protection, such as a hat, cap or scarf.
Sun cream, we will put it on before boarding the boat.
Swimsuit in case we are going to take a bath or in case we get wet when getting on or off the boat.
A towel or a windbreaker, for cloudy days, small children or for those who want to bathe.
Personalized water to be able to identify it, although we always have water on the boat.
For routes with a snorkeling stop, DO NOT FORGET YOUR SNORKEL EQUIPMENT, if you do not have one you can purchase one upon arrival. For children, bring what you need to make you feel more comfortable and calm. Maguitos, float, your diving glasses ...

Do I have to bring my snorkeling equipment?
All our equipment is disinfected in compliance with current regulations. For your comfort and safety we recommend that you bring your own SNORKEL KIT, if you do not have one you can purchase one upon arrival.

What is seen with "look backgrounds"?
The most surprising thing is the underwater forest of Posidonia oceanica.
We can also see some fish and other species that come in the meadow.

Are there watertight bags?
Yes, we have waterproof bags of 10 liters per person.
This way we prevent water from entering your belongings.

How many are we on the boat?
MEASURES COVID 19 reduces the ship's capacity for group routes to 7 seats. Private routes to 10 seats.

When and how do I reserve?
Due to the high volume of work in high season, we recommend making your reservation as soon as possible, as we have very limited places.
For your convenience, we have created an online reservation center to be able to know the Availability of each route and know if there are free spaces or if it has been canceled due to bad weather.

You can call us at 623182848
Puede llamarnos al teléfono 623182848
If you are in San José, you can go directly to our information and sales post located on the terrace of the Hotel Don Ignacio on the seafront of the San José- Nijar beach. From 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Outside high season, they can also make it in advance to the, facebook or whatsup (In high season we can not guarantee your reservation through these means) If they could not attend for any reason, please cancel your reservation as soon as possible to to be able to occupy those places.

Do I have to pay in advance?
Yes, it is recommended to make the payment through our reservation center to secure your places. You can modify and cancel it up to 48 hours before the activity without charge. You can make the reservation payment by Bizum to the phone 623182848.
If you are in San José, you can pay it directly in our office. You can pay in cash, card or bizum.

How do I get to the boarding point?
There is a public parking on the Rambla de San José and at the entrance to the town, because it is a very small town, they can be reached on foot in 5 or 10 minutes, towards the beach, before the port of San José. We are located in the middle of the San José promenade.
We recommend getting around in plenty of time as the roads are winding and there can be quite a bit of traffic in the height of summer. We are very punctual, if they do not arrive on time, they will lose their route.
There are public transport from Almería capital, we are 5 minutes walking from the bus stop.
There are few schedules available, we recommend organizing it in advance.

What happens if it is canceled?
If the wave or wind conditions are not suitable for navigation, the activity will be canceled. Safety comes first.
We will notify you as soon as possible to your contact phone number, we will try to change the route for another time or for another day. If this is not possible, we will refund the total amount of your reservation.

How to insure the trip?
We have many reservations in high season and very few places. Choose the day that suits you best and is flexible with its hours and days, we will notify you the day before to confirm your reservation or if there is a change due to the wind, to be able to adapt to the day with good sailing conditions.
We recommend consulting the wind forecast a few days before, and get an idea of ​​how it is evolving. You can always call us and ask us what is the day and time that presents the best conditions. Remember that the forecast is only reliable a couple of days before.

About other activities
What other services do we offer?
We offer you the possibility of booking with other active tourism companies in San Jose that focus on health and wellbeing to help you make the most of your visit.

Ai chi on San José beach .

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